315 x 2.0 x 32/40 HSS Saw Blade (DMO5) Tin Coated


Model: HSS (DMO5) Tin Coated


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Model: HSS (DMO5) Tin Coated

315 x 2.0 x 32/40 HSS Saw Blades (TiN Coated) Titanium Coated saw blades improve blade life and are especially good when used on Semi & Automatic machines. However, many of our customers have experienced good improved blade life on manual machines whilst cutting harder metals such as stainless steel. As we cut all our blades from blank on the latest robotic machines we can also supply the blades with the necessary angles for cutting your particular material. Our own designed variable-pitch blades give an even longer blade life, while our 8 tooth repeat with varying angles helps cut a wider range without the need to change blades.



Additional information

Bore Size

32mm, 40mm

No. of teeth

z=100, z=108VP, z=110, z=120, z=120VP, z=126VP, z=128, z=140, z=144VP, z=160, z=162VP, z=180, z=198VP, z=200, z=220, z=222VP, z=240, z=240VP, z=250, z=264, z=280, z=282VP, z=300, z=300VP, z=310, z=320, z=350, z=380, z=80, z=90, z=90VP, z=96VP