430 x 4.4/3.2 x 75 Z=72 VS TCT Panel Saw blade PI-521VS Premium


Product Code: SP2105036

430 x 4.4/3.2 x 75 Z=72 VS Super long life panel sizing with medium teeth and triple chip (GA) type P!-521VS premium with extra super hard tips, designed for cutting chipboard, laminated board, MDF, HDF and other homogenous materials without impurities in the stack.

The construction of the saw blade includes extra long-life of carbide produced in nanotechnology with addition of chromium and nickel witch together with new improved blade geometry which has substantially increased the life of the saw blade.

Additionally, optimal tensioning as well as a new type of noise-reduction cuts noticeably increase stiffness and stability of the saw blade which has a direct effect on the life of the blade.

V = Quiet Body S = Super Hard Tips

Drive Holes 4/15/105 + 2/7/110

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